Board of Directors

Board members serve one-year terms. Here are your 2017-2018 officers:

President: Cara Davila

Cara is the chief representative of the Club and oversees the running of the Club. She represents the AWCL in the community.

Vice President: Susan Farrell

Susan is responsible for Clubhouse maintenance and the renter. She also keeps the Clubhouse calendar for all activities requiring reserved time and space at the Clubhouse.

Events Directors
: Mary-Rose de Vries,

Mary-Rose oversees programming, including the monthly meetings. She also organizes our TGIF and Ladies’ Night Out activities.




Communications Director: Natalie Bachiri

Natalie oversees internal Club communications, which include the E-vine (our electronic newsletter), the members only AWCL Facebook, the website and advertising.








Membership Director: Meryl Kearns

Meryl keeps an accurate record of members. She processes application forms for new and renewing members. She also oversees the Welcome Committee.



Treasurer: Marion Weyer

Marion prepares our budget and maintains financial records and accounts. She provides financial management data to the Board throughout the Club year.




Secretary: Chessy Felix Vargas

Chessy maintains the Club’s records, including meeting minutes. She also handles all official Club correspondence.




FAWCO Representative: Paula Stewart

Paula coordinates all business connected with the Club’s membership in the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), including FAWCO and an exchange of ideas between AWCL and other FAWCO clubs.




Parliamentarian: Karen Sheppard

Our Parliamentarian Karen will advise the Club on Parliamentary matters, conduct the election of officers and handle any amendments to the Constitution and Standing Rules.

Clubhouse Manager: Vanessa Perez

Vanessa is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Clubhouse. She trains and schedules volunteers for the Welcome Desk.