President's Welcome

Meryl KearnsDear Prospective and Current Members,

On behalf of the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL), I extend to you a warm welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Since 1959, the AWCL, a non-profit, volunteer run organization, has helped to assist newcomers as they become situated in Luxembourg and the surrounding region. We celebrate the diversity of our approximately 300 AWCL members from 40 different countries, with English being our common language. Our goal is to provide opportunities for women to meet new friends, become involved in the community and enjoy their time in Luxembourg.

We are as strong as the women who make up our group, and we have amazing women with impressive careers, educational backgrounds, interests and skills who lend us their talents to start various classes and activities. We offer weekly French lessons at two different levels, French conversation groups, Luxembourgish practice sessions, hiking, city walks, cinema movie going, handcrafts, monthly travel talks, day trips and book clubs, and special events each month, like wine tastings and dinners. We are always open to new ideas, so if you have something that you would like to initiate, we would love to hear about it.

Communication is the key to keeping our members connected. At the start of every month, our online newsletter, the E-Vine, is distributed to members, detailing special events that month, charitable causes and community initiatives with which we are involved, information sessions that we offer on various aspects of Luxembourg living, and ongoing activities and classes that meet regularly. The closed Facebook page allows members to reach out to each other, ask questions or advice of other members and to receive real time updates/reminders on events. The Facebook page provides a forum for new members to get ideas and suggestions that make the assimilation into everyday life that much easier.

We are quite fortunate to have a Clubhouse, especially one that is centrally located near Parc Merl, and we use it constantly for social events and activities, making it a hub of energy and a wonderful place to meet friends and make new ones. Just about every day that it is open, a member will find something organized to join in, and there is always a volunteer at the Welcome Desk during Club hours. Our Clubhouse is a place that every member should feel comfortable stopping by, whether she is there for a planned activity or just to have a cup of coffee and socialize. As long as the door is open, come in and feel at home.

If you have not yet attended a monthly Welcome Coffee, please do come to at least one. Members, both new and longtime, as well as prospective members, introduce themselves and have a chance to meet, and you can learn about ways to participate. There are always plenty of activities to choose from, so it is up to you how involved you would like to be.

We look forward to seeing you at many future AWCL events.


Kind regards,

Meryl B. Kearns

Meryl Kearns, President AWCL 2018 – 2019
American Women’s Club of Luxembourg