Shopping in Luxembourg can be very different to the experience that you might be used to. You might find a store that you love and never go anywhere else, or you might end up going to several different ones because one store does not have everything that you need. One piece of advice when you’re getting started: have a list of the items that you are looking for and translate them in at least one language (French would be best!).

Grocery Stores


This store is a French hypermarche, which means that it is a big grocery store mixed with household items and clothing as well as electronics and garden supplies. What is great about this store is that the cashiers often speak more than one language, and you know which ones by the small flags hanging from their station. Languages include English, French, Luxembourgish, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The products are mostly French, but you can also find some German, Luxembourgish, British, American, Spanish and kosher and halal foods.


This store is a typical Luxembourgish store. The official language is Luxembourgish, but employees also speak French and German, sometimes English and other languages as well. Much of their products are in Luxembourgish, French and German. This is also a hypermarche. There are several Cactus and Hobbi (the non-grocery goods) stores throughout Luxembourg.


A hypermarche, Cora is like the other two stores. Many languages are spoken at the cash register.


This is Belgian grocery store has outlets throughout Luxembourg. It is smaller than the hypermaches, but it sells all the basics. Many of the main Delhaize stores are also open Sunday mornings.


Naturata is a grocery store that stocks organic products. There are seven locations in Luxembourg.

Shopping Centers

Auchan Kirchberg-Luxembourg

Located in the financial district of Luxembourg, there are many different stores in this mall-type setting along with eateries of all kinds. There is lots of underground parking, and it is located near Utopolis Cinema and LuxExpo.

Belle Etoile

Located in Bertrange, this ‘mall’ has just grown! Lots of very nice stores and gift ideas. Cactus is also located within the mall.

City Concorde

Located in Bertrange, this is an upper-end mall setting. Cora is located inside.

Topaze Shopping Center

This three-story mall is located in Mersch, which is in the center of the country.

Belval Plaza

The mall has about forty stores in Esch-sur-Alzette, in southern Luxembourg. There is a movie theatre, CinéBelval, located in the mall.