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The American Women's Club of Luxembourg

Living In Lux


WELCOME TO LUXEMBOURG (WËLLKOMM ZU LËTZEBUERG), a country with a vibrant mix of history, culture, language and tradition, a land of sparkling rivers meandering through rolling green countryside and a beautiful capital city which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a country with great charm, not least because of its small size. Castles, forests, international music venues, art galleries, quirky museums and vineyards are all within a short drive, and nothing is more than an hour away. Luxembourg is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, a country packed with local character without the drudgery of huge crowds or tedious journeys.

Those of you who are seasoned expats, used to the challenges of adapting to another culture, will find Luxembourg an easy place to live. The Luxembourgers are relaxed, welcoming people who have opened their home to an astonishingly diverse assortment of cultures, all of whom live side-by-side in perfect harmony. You will find little difficulty meeting new friends who will, almost certainly, be of many different nationalities.

For those of you who are moving to another country for the first time, Luxembourg is the perfect introduction to expat life. It is a great opportunity to live in the middle of Europe in a laissez-faire environment which welcomes foreigners. Life is not always easy when you are far from friends and family, in unfamiliar surroundings, but if you embrace the differences as much as the similarities, it will be a rewarding experience that you will never forget.

We hope that you find the information available on our Living in Lux pages to be helpful. If you have more questions, please post them on the appropriate discussion board. We have members from around the world who have lived in Luxembourg for a number of years. The information they can offer about their experiences is invaluable.

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